Tilda is Comfortable and Enjoying Life the Best She Can!

I Just LOVE Cool Green Grass

Tilda had her CSU appointment on Tuesday, July 19, and the news was once more disappointing but everyone is trying their best. The Vinblastine chemo showed no response as Tilda’s condition continues to advance rapidly. They have no options left although we will keep trying some things with the goal of making life a bit better for future doggies if there is such a thing with this affliction. CSU has stopped the Vinblastine and on Wednesday, July 20, we started a new experimental drug called “Masitinib”. Tilda is getting significantly weaker now so with the hot weather going on, we try to limit her activity to no more than what she is comfortable with.

Her walks are very short, but she still really enjoys them. It is one of those situations where the idea of walking still perks her eyes and ears, yet actually doing it is a different situation. Her physical appearance is changing fast now because of all the issues, but her attitude is still the greatest and she is by my side constantly…….even right now as I write this update. Several of the tumor bumps on top of her head erupted on a Saturday night and Tilda and I spent a very long night trying to deal with that situation. We finally got things under control and then transported her to CSU on Sunday morning, July 17th at 5am. They shaved the top of her head and attended to the injury and she is fine with it. I customized a funnel bonnet for her with padding inside to protect her from any further damage. She wore one of those years ago when she had a kidney stone operation so she didn’t mind the head cone at all.

Tilda & Her Very Own French Fries

On the positive side, Tilda has been enjoying lots of fun things with family. Everyday Tilda and I do something together that is special. Last Sunday, we stopped at McDonald’s and got Tilda her very own cheeseburger. On Monday, we shared an ice cream cone……I ate the ice cream (it is too cold for her tummy) and Tilda ate the cone. On Tuesday Tilda had her very own broiled chicken breast from A & W. Wow! She really liked that idea. Dad took the bones out and Tilda gratefully ate the rest and didn’t feel guilty about not sharing a bit of it. On Wednesday, we stopped by Wendy’s and Tilda received her very own order of french fries. She was so excited and the look in her eye was something like “where has this been?”. Her favorite comfort spot is anywhere there is “cool green grass” under a shade tree. So each day we seek out a comfort spot where she can stretch out in the grass and nibble on the goodies of the day.

Today (Thurday), we are heading for Longmont to see if we can find some delicacy there.  A couple of Tilda’s Friends suggested a “Spoonbender” from Good Times so maybe we will try that one today……….sounds fun!   Tomorrow, we will head for Loveland to a favorite spot by the lake where she can stand in water and then put in some time under the shade trees while watching other people. We try to do these things early in the morning so she can get her rest at home the remainder of the day.

Tilda at Veterans Park in Loveland Enjoying the Shade

Her “bump count” continues to escalate daily. I am only counting now for the record book as the hope for a cure has gone past the point of any return. On Wednesday evening, July 20th, I counted 274 tumor bumps all over her body. The medications are really helping, however, and seems to keep her in comfort and of good spirits most of the time. It is only when she really wants to do something and finds she can’t that she gets frustrated. But so far, that doesn’t last very long with Tilda.

Tilda wanted me to thank everyone for all their emails, cards, letters, e-cards, wonderful doggy cookies and phone calls. I have read them all to Tilda and she looks at me with that smile on her face so know she understands. We are all so fortunate to have come across such wonderful people that are now good friends. Tilda’s Friends are simply the greatest and they all have one thing in common…….their love for animals and their compassion and love for the comfort of others. In a sometimes troubling world these days, it is very peaceful to witness the personal values of Tilda’s Friends. Thanks to all of you!

Until Next Time……………….

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