Tilda’s Memorial Tribute Calendar Now On Sale!

Tilda's Memorial Tribute Calendar for 2012

Tilda’s Memorial Tribute calendar is hot off the press and ready for your purchase.  This calendar is very special as every month has a picture of Tilda or something to do with Tilda.  The shopping cart page gives a small icon preview of every month with front cover and back cover.  This calendar is unique in that it is spiral bound and lays flat against the wall and if you hang it so front and back covers face outward, it makes a sort of wall mural with Tilda keeping an eye on you long before 2012 and long after.  Tilda’s spirit is bringing peace and good things to lots of people through her rainbows and through her pictures.

$4 of each purchase will be split evenly between the 4 hospitals were Tilda worked as a therapy dog to help keep the programs sound and allow the doggies to keep working on behalf of Tilda.  Hopefully, Tilda will be watching over them too.  You can view/purchase your calendar(s) now at http://www.tildadog.com/Therapy_Dog_Calendars.php.

You can also purchase therapy dog calendars from the 4 hospitals as each hospital has its own calendar this year.  Help support these wonderful programs.  Calendars are mailed in sturdy bend-proof envelopes to any address you request.  If the shipping address is to be different from your own billing address, just specify the shipping address in the shipping data on the shopping cart form.  These calendars make great Christmas and Birthday gifts!

Thank You!

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