I Think Tilda Has Waved a Big “Hello” to All Her Friends!

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

– Anatole France

Tilda's Rainbow?

August 30 Double Rainbow - Unretouched and as taken by camera.

It is often said by inspired dog lovers that our lost loved one’s sometimes give us a sign from their new location and dimension to let us know that “all is well” and to give us a big “hello” to remind they still are around us in spirit. While that may sound hokey to some and I understand that, to others it is a meaningful happening and I count myself to be among the later for sure. An animal adventurist knowledgeable in the now and hereafter parts of the life cycle will always tell you to look for the “sign” or signs and if you pay attention to them, they will reoccur time and time again as little (or large) unspoken messages for you. You can choose to ignore them and scoff them off as coincidences or you can enjoy them and take comfort from them at the same time. I choose to enjoy them and I also find great comfort in them.

I am strongly suspicious that Tilda’s “sign” may be the Rainbow. The word “Rainbow” has popped up dozens of times now in the last days of Tilda’s life with lots of friends talking about the “Rainbow Bridge” and me hearing the song “somewhere over the rainbow” twice this last week on the radio when I haven’t heard it probably in 30 years. Then to top it off, this happened yesterday evening, August 30, 2011:

I came home about 5pm yesterday, walked to the upper level and said hello to Donna and

Left third of Double Rainbow on August 30th

she yelled “come quick and look at the rainbow”. It was raining a few drops outside and as I walked out on the front upper level deck where Tilda and I were sitting exactly a few hours before her passing, I saw what grabbed my heart. THERE IT WAS, it was the largest DOUBLE rainbow with a beautiful solid color center between the bows I have ever seen. This double rainbow was front and center of the deck chair I always sit in when spending time on that deck with Tilda. I quickly got the camera and took 3 pictures. The rainbow was SO LARGE, it took 3 shots to get it all. I think Tilda was saying “hello” to all her wonderful friends as this rainbow had to reach out for many, many miles. As you can see from the photos with reference to the house on the ground, it was a miniature house compared to the size of this double rainbow.

I sent these pictures to a half dozen friends last night and to add one more cute wrinkle to this story is a response I received back from one of those close friends. She writes:

What is strange about the rainbow is that I bought a card for you and Donna and sent it in the mail yesterday….it has a rainbow on the front. Kinda gives me goose bumps when I think about it because in my mind it confirms that there is something after our life here on earth!”

Right third of Double Rainbow on August 30th.

What it confirms for me is that Tilda indeed is flashing her neon welcome sign stating that all is well and she will check in often. I am convinced already that the rainbow will be Tilda’s marker of letting us know she is around her good friends. I have experienced this phenomenon with the passing of family members before. With my mother, the sign was a butterfly and that bit of fun went on for months. There are some wonderful stories about me and butterflies and a few times it got to be hilarious, but once I finally understood what it was, it was fun and comfortable. I know there is at least one member of Tilda’s Friends (a long time friend of mine) that lived through those “butterfly” times with me and it was pretty amazing conversation. Since then, I have had some other connections with loved ones and believe it or not, with loved ones of other friends that I have never met. So no matter what your thoughts are about these things, it is still fun to think that maybe Tilda was indeed saying “Howdy, How Ya Doing, Miss You!” to us all last night. At the very least, it was a dramatic display of how wonderful Mother Nature can be and what a wonderful universe we live in.

To me, the display last night was a flashing neon sign of Tilda’s Rainbow Bridge letting me know all is well and “miss you dad”.  So the next time you see a rainbow, tell Tilda you got the message, keep up the good work and to look up your beloved doggies of the past and frolic with them as well.  Somehow, I think Tilda was right when she got my attention on her last day here on earth…..her work is not near done yet!

Thank you, Tilda!

Until next time……………….

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